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AROSE's (previously known as the Alicia R. Pruitt Foundation) mission is to bridge the opportunity gap for underserved youth in trauma-prone communities through post-secondary scholarships, support services, and community outreach initiatives.


We are dedicated to changing the narrative of how our young people in these communities are seen and what they can become. AROSE is committed to showing that traumatic events do not define their future but enable them to become productive, hopeful members of society.


Youth who arose from trauma-prone communities continue their education and become the next generation of leaders.

Our Story

Coming from Flint, Mi, BriElle Bryson was exposed to a shortage of resources, violence, neglect, and abuse. She knew firsthand the impact that various traumas can have on a young adult furthering their education and evolving in their professional career. The ultimate trauma was the unexpected loss of her mother, Alicia Rose Pruitt, in 2017. A businesswoman but a single mother of 3, Alicia was an example of true resilience, compassion, love, and tenacity. It was Alicia’s value in education, faith, perseverance that led BriElle to have a prosperous education and career despite the challenging circumstances she faced growing up.


BriElle founded AROSE in honor of her mother to help share this same hope and results to the young people coming after her. Youth who experience trauma become fragile but aren’t broken. Without the proper help and support, they can lose their way. AROSE is dedicated to helping our young people envision a world beyond their neighborhoods and achieve post-secondary success. 


Alicia Rose Pruitt was born March 8, 1967 in Flint, Michigan. She always excelled in her academics, and as an adult was always enrolled in graduate or doctoral courses. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Michigan - Flint, she went on to earn an MBA with a focus in Accounting. Alicia was a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Entrepreneur and Businesswoman. She chose to engage with her home community by starting ASAP Accounting, a firm focused on helping many with tax return preparation and remediation of delinquent taxes.


Alicia R. Pruitt was a mother of three and she was the true definition of God’s love. She was a woman of strength, resilience, and love with an outgoing nature. Alicia was always encouraging her children to reach for the stars using education and a "never give up" attitude. Despite being in a city of limited resources, she saw education as a means to rise above. As a result, all three of her children were honor students, graduated from top universities, and have seen success in their respective careers.


God called Alicia home just shy of her 50th birthday. She was a caring mother, wife, sister, and daughter and she will forever be in our hearts.


Board Members


BriElle Bryson

President & Executive

Darryl Bryson

Director of Technology

Derrick Bryson

Director of Finance


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Adarius Payton
Arlesia Taylor

Crystal Flynn


Adarius Payton

Board Member 

Arlesia Taylor

Board Member